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Advocate Services

Our mission is to assist you by bridging the gap that exists between patients and the complex healthcare system. Our services are tailored to your specific needs. We aim to achieve measurable outcomes throughout the whole process. Advocacy has been acknowledged as a crucial core capacity for the professional nurse.  Contact Indepth immediately to learn how our firm can serve you.

advocate services

General Consultation

A general consultation enables a medical team to track the progress of his condition, manage disease or disability, prevent future or potential health issues, improve life and movement and maximize life expectancy.

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Senior Care Movein Assessment

Senior Care Movein Assessment is a complete set of services and activities designed to assist people with chronic or severe diseases in  managing their health. The primary objective of Senior Care Assessment is to promote patient health. In addition, the approach  intends to improve care coordination, reduce hospital visits,  and increase patient engagement to achieve its goals. 

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RN Patient Advocate

A RN nurse advocate is a nurse who works on behalf of patients 
to maintain quality of care and protect patients' rights. They Intervene when there is a care concern, and following the proper 
channels, work to resolve any patient care issues.

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Medication Management

Medication Reconciliation is a method for involving the patient

and caregivers in the development of an inclusive and accurate medication list. The cornerstone for managing medication reconciliation and medication management dilemmas is a comprehensive and accurate medication list.

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Nurse Support Team

Nurse support team is someone who looks after the well-being of people in their daily lives. By offering both physical and emotional support, they enable persons with various physical disabilities and mental health requirements to live more freely and to the fullest of their potential.

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End of Life Support

End-of-life care refers to health care provided in the Time
leading up to a person's death. End-of-Support care can be provided in the hours, days, or  months before a person dies and 
encompasses care and support for  a person's mental and 
emotional needs, physical comfort, spiritual  needs, and 
practical tasks.

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