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Educational Services

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. Take a look at my site and see all that I can do for you today.

Students in Cafeteria

Nursing Assistant Course - Coming Soon

Jump start your career by becoming Certified Nursing Assistant

Our nursing assistant course is designed prepare the student sit for the certification examination.  Students who enroll in our  CNA class  will learn the fundamentals of nursing care, including anatomy, nutritional care, drug administration, and disease management.

CPR First Aid Training Concept.jpg

CPR & First Aid Classes

Serving Healthcare, Childcare and Caretakers

Our CPR & First Aid classes, which is developed and taught by certified professional instructors, complies with OSHA, workplace, and other regulatory standards. You will be prepared to offer care when it is most needed via individualized learning, interactive situations, peer-to-peer learning, and hands-on skill practice.

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